How to use ATS for gasoline or diesel aircooled generator?

The ATS (automatic transfer switch) offered by MAMO POWER, could be used for small output of diesel or gasoline aircooled generator set from 3kva to 8kva even bigger whose rated speed is 3000rpm or 3600rpm. Its frequency range is from 45Hz to 68Hz.

1.Signal Light

A.HOUSE NET- city power light
B.GENERATOR- generator set working light
C.AUTO- ATS power light
D.FAILURE- ATS warning light

2.Use signal wire connect genset with ATS.


Make ATS connect city power with generating system, when everything is right, turn on ATS, at the same time, power light is on.


1) When ATS monitors city power abnormal, ATS sends start signal delaying in 3 seconds. If ATS does not monitor generator voltage, ATS will continuously send 3 times start signal. If generator can not start normally within 3 times, ATS will lock up and alarm light will be flashing.

2) If voltage and frequency of generator is normal, after delaying 5 seconds, ATS automatically switches loading into generator terminal. Moreover ATS will continuously monitor voltage of city power. When generator is running, the voltage and frequency is abnormal, ATS automatically disconnects loading and makes alarm light flash. If voltage and frequency of generator is back to normal, ATS stops warning and switch into loading and generator continuously works.

3) If generator is running and monitor city power normal, ATS sends stopping signal in 15 seconds. Waiting for generator stopping normal, ATS will switch loading into city power. And then, ATS stays monitoring city power.(Repeat 1-3 steps)     

Because the three-phase ATS has voltage phase loss detection,no matter generator or city power, as long as one phase voltage is abnormal, it is regarded as phase loss. When the generator has phase loss, the working light and ATS alarm light flash at the same; when city power voltage has phase loss, city power light and alarming light flashes at the same time. 

Post time: Jul-20-2022