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  • What are the characteristics of alloy resistance in the load bank?
    Post time: 08-22-2022

    The core part of the load bank, the dry load module can convert electrical energy to thermal energy, and conduct continuous discharge testing for equipment, power generator and other equipment. Our company adopts a self -made alloy resistance composition load module. For the characteristics of dr...Read more »

  • What are the performance levels of diesel generators?
    Post time: 08-02-2022

    With the continuous improvement of the quality and performance of domestic and international diesel generator sets, generator sets are widely used in hospitals, hotels, hotels, real estate and other industries. The performance levels of diesel power generator sets are divided into G1, G2, G3, and...Read more »

  • How to use ATS for gasoline or diesel aircooled generator?
    Post time: 07-20-2022

    The ATS (automatic transfer switch) offered by MAMO POWER, could be used for small output of diesel or gasoline aircooled generator set from 3kva to 8kva even bigger whose rated speed is 3000rpm or 3600rpm. Its frequency range is from 45Hz to 68Hz. 1.Signal Light A.HOUSE...Read more »

  • Which are features of Diesel DC Generator Set?
    Post time: 07-07-2022

    Stationary intelligent diesel DC generator set, offered by MAMO POWER, referred to as “fixed DC unit” or “fixed DC diesel generator”, is a new type of DC power generation system specially designed for communication emergency support. The main design idea is to integrate pe...Read more »

  • MAMO POWER mobile emergency power supply vehicle
    Post time: 06-09-2022

    The mobile emergency power supply vehicles produced by MAMO POWER have fully covered 10KW-800KW (12kva to 1000kva) power generator sets. MAMO POWER’s mobile emergency power supply vehicle is composed of chassis vehicle, lighting system, diesel generator set, power transmission and distribut...Read more »

  • MAMO POWER container silent diesel generator set
    Post time: 06-02-2022

    In June 2022, as China communication project partner, MAMO POWER successfully delivered 5 container silent diesel generator sets to company China Mobile. The container type power supply include: diesel generator set, intelligent centralized control system, low-voltage or high-voltage power distri...Read more »

  • MAMO POWER successfully delivered 600KW emergency power supply vehicle to China Unicom
    Post time: 05-17-2022

    In May 2022, as a China communication project partner, MAMO POWER successfully delivered 600KW emergency power supply vehicle to China Unicom. The power supply car is mainly composed of a car body, a diesel generator set, a control system, and an outlet cable system on a stereotyped second-class...Read more »

  • Why intelligent controller is essential for gen-set parallel system?
    Post time: 04-19-2022

    Diesel generator set paralleling synchronizing system is not a new system, but it is simplified by the intelligent digital and microprocessor controller. Whether it’s a new generator set or an old power unit, the same electrical parameters need to be managed. The difference is that the new ...Read more »

  • What is parallel or synchronizing system of diesel generator sets?
    Post time: 04-07-2022

    With the continuous development of power generator, diesel generator sets are used more and more widely. Among them, the digital and intelligent control system simplifies the parallel operation of multiple small power diesel generators, which is usually more efficient and practical than using a b...Read more »

  • What is remote monitoring system of diesel generator sets?
    Post time: 03-16-2022

    Diesel generator remote monitoring refers to the remote monitoring of the fuel level and overall function of the generators through the Internet. Through the mobile phone or computer, you can obtain the relevant performance of the diesel generator and get instant feedback to protect the data of t...Read more »

  • What is the role of ATS (automatic transfer switch) in diesel generator sets?
    Post time: 01-13-2022

    Automatic transfer switches monitor voltage levels in the building’s normal power supply and switch to emergency power when these voltages fall below a certain preset threshold. The automatic transfer switch will seamlessly and efficiently activate the emergency power system if a particular...Read more »

  • How to simply overhaul the radiator of diesel generator set?
    Post time: 12-28-2021

    Which are main faults and causes of the radiator? The main fault of the radiator is water leakage. The main causes of water leakage are that broken or tilted blades of the fan, during operation, cause the radiator to be injured, or the radiator is not fixed, which cause the diesel engine to crack...Read more »

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