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  • Mamo Power 50 units of  18KVA generator supporting Henan flood fighting and rescue
    Post time: 08-19-2021

    In July, Henan Province encountered continuous and large-scale heavy rainfall. The local transportation, electricity, communications and other livelihood facilities were seriously damaged. In order to alleviate the power difficulties in the disaster area, Mamo Power quickly deliver 50 units of ge...Read more »

  • How to choose Diesel Generator | Gen-set for Hotel in Summer
    Post time: 07-15-2021

    The demand for power supply in hotels is very large, especially in summer, due to the high utilization of the air-conditioning and all kinds of electricity consumption. Satisfying the demand for electricity is also the first priority of major hotels. The hotel’s power supply is absolutely n...Read more »

  • Why Cummins diesel engine is the best choice for pump power?
    Post time: 07-06-2021

    1. Low expenditure * Low fuel consumption, effectively reducing operating costs By optimizing the control strategy and combining the actual operating conditions of the equipment, fuel economy is further improved. The advanced product platform and optimized design make the economic fuel consumptio...Read more »

  • Baudouin Diesel Generator Sets Power Generators
    Post time: 06-23-2021

    Power in today’s world, it’s everything from engines to generators, for ships, cars and military forces. Without it, the world would be a very different place. Among the most trusted global power providers is Baudouin. With 100 years of continued activity, delivering a wide range of i...Read more »

  • Congratulations, for MAMO Power past the TLC Certification!
    Post time: 04-26-2021

    Recently, MAMO Power successfully past TLC certification, the highest telecom level test in CHINA. TLC is a voluntary product certification organization established by China Institute of information and communication with full investment. It also carries out CCC, quality management system, enviro...Read more »

  • Precautions of starting up and using a diesel generator sets
    Post time: 04-21-2021

    MAMO Power, as a professional diesel generator sets manufacturer, we are going to share some tips of sart-up the diesel generator sets. Before we start a generator sets, the first thing we should check whether all the switches and corresponding conditions of the generator sets are ready, make sur...Read more »

  • Post time: 04-13-2021

    A lot is happening in Kalamazoo County, Michigan right now. Not only is the county home to the largest manufacturing site in Pfizer’s network, but millions of doses of Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccine are manufactured and distributed from the site every week. Located in Western Michigan, Kalamazoo Count...Read more »

  • Post time: 03-11-2021

    Autonomous power supply stations produced by MAMO Power have found their application today, both in everyday life and in industrial production. And to buy a diesel MAMO series generator are recommended as the main source and as a backup. Such a unit is used to provide voltage to industrial or man...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-27-2021

    Basically, faults of gensets can sorted as many kinds, one of them is called air intake. How to reduce the intake air temperature of the diesel generator set The internal coil temperature of the diesel generator sets in operation is very high, if the unit is too high in ...Read more »

  • Description of Perkins 1800kW vibration test
    Post time: 11-25-2020

    Engine: Perkins 4016TWG Alternator: Leroy Somer Prime Power: 1800KW Frequency: 50Hz Rotating Speed: 1500 r.p.m Engine Cooling Method: Water-cooled 1. Major Structure A traditional elastic connection plate connects the engine and alternator. The engine is fixed with 4 fulcrums and 8 rubber shock a...Read more »

  • Diesel generator maintenance, remember these 16
    Post time: 11-17-2020

    1. Clean and sanitary Keep the exterior of the generator set clean and wipe off the oil stain with a rag at any time.   2. Pre start check Before starting the generator set, check the fuel oil, oil quantity and cooling water consumption of the generator set: keep the zero diesel oil enough to run...Read more »

  • How to identify reconditioned diesel generator set
    Post time: 11-17-2020

    In recent years, many enterprises take the generator set as an important standby power supply, so many enterprises will have a series of problems when purchasing diesel generator sets. Because I don’t understand, I may buy a second-hand machine or a refurbished machine. Today, I will explai...Read more »