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  • What are differences between gasoline outboard engine and diesel outboard engine?
    Post time: 07-27-2022

    1. The way of injecting is different Gasoline outboard motor generally injects gasoline into the intake pipe to mix with air to form a combustible mixture and then enter the cylinder. Diesel outboard engine generally injects diesel directly into the engine cylinder throu...Read more »

  • What are the advantages of Deutz (Dalian) diesel engines?
    Post time: 05-07-2022

    Deutz’s localized engines have incomparable advantages over similar products. Its Deutz engine is small in size and light in weight, 150-200 kg lighter than similar engines. Its spare parts are universal and highly serialized, which is convenient for whole gen-set layout. With strong power,...Read more »

  • Deutz engine : Top 10 Diesel Engines in the World
    Post time: 04-27-2022

    Germany’s Deutz (DEUTZ) company is now the oldest and the world’s leading independent engine manufacturer. The first engine invented by Mr. Alto in Germany was a gas engine that burns gas. Therefore, Deutz has a history of more than 140 years in gas engines, whose headquartered is in ...Read more »

  • Doosan Generator
    Post time: 03-29-2022

    Ever since its production of the very first diesel engine in Korea in 1958, Hyundai Doosan Infracore has been supplying diesel and natural gas engines developed with ts proprietary technology at large-scale engine production facilities to customers all around the world. Hyundai Doosan Infracore i...Read more »

  • Which are main faults of vibration mechanical part of Cummins Generator Set -Part II?
    Post time: 03-07-2022

    Cummins diesel generator sets are widely used in the field of backup power supply and main power station, with a wide range of power coverage, stable performance, advanced technology, and a global service system. Generally speaking, Cummins generator set gen-set vibration is caused by unbalanced ...Read more »

  • Which are main faults of vibration mechanical part of Cummins Generator Set?
    Post time: 02-28-2022

    The structure of the Cummins generator set includes two parts, electrical and mechanical, and its failure should be divided into two parts. The reasons for the vibration failure are also divided into two parts. From the assembly and maintenance experience of MAMO POWER over the years, the main fa...Read more »

  • What are the functions and precautions of oil filter?
    Post time: 02-18-2022

    The function of the oil filter is to filter out solid particles (combustion residues, metal particles, colloids, dust, etc.) in the oil and maintain the performance of the oil during the maintenance cycle. So what are the precautions for using it? Oil filters can be divided into full-flow filters...Read more »

  • which type of generator set is more suitable for you, air-cooled or water-cooled diesel gen-set?
    Post time: 01-25-2022

    When choosing a diesel generator set, in addition to considering the different types of engines and brands, you should also consider which cooling ways to choose. Cooling is very important for generators as and it prevents overheating. First, from a usage perspective, an engine equipped with an a...Read more »

  • What are the effects of low water temperature on diesel generator sets?
    Post time: 01-05-2022

    Many users will habitually lower the water temperature when operating diesel generator sets. But this is incorrect. If the water temperature is too low, it will have the following adverse effects on diesel generator sets: 1. Too low temperature will cause deterioration of diesel combustion condit...Read more »

  • How to judge the abnormal sound of the generator set?
    Post time: 12-09-2021

    Diesel generator sets will inevitably have some minor problems in the daily use process. How to quickly and accurately determine the problem, and solve the problem in the first time, reduce the loss in the application process, and better maintain the diesel generator set? 1. Firstly determine whe...Read more »

  • Why the freight of Southeast Asia routes has risen again?
    Post time: 11-19-2021

    In the past year, Southeast Asia was affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, and many industries in many countries had to suspend work and stop production. The entire Southeast Asian economy was greatly affected. It is reported that the epidemic in many Southeast Asian countries has been eased recentl...Read more »

  • Which are the advantages and disadvantages of high pressure common rail diesel engine
    Post time: 11-16-2021

    With the continuous development of China’s industrialization process, the air pollution index has begun to soar, and it is urgent to improve environmental pollution. In response to this series of problems, China government has immediately introduced many relevant policies for diesel engine ...Read more »

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