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  • HUACHAI new developed plateau type generator set successfully passed the performance test
    Post time: 04-06-2021

    A few days ago, the plateau type generator set newly developed by HUACHAI successfully passed the performance test at altitudes of 3000m and 4500m. Lanzhou Zhongrui power supply product quality inspection Co., Ltd., the national quality supervision and inspection center of internal combustion eng...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-27-2021

    Basically, faults of gensets can sorted as many kinds, one of them is called air intake. How to reduce the intake air temperature of the diesel generator set The internal coil temperature of the diesel generator sets in operation is very high, if the unit is too high in the air temperature, it wi...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-27-2021

    What is a Diesel Generator? By using a diesel engine along with an electric generator, a diesel generator is used to produce electric energy. In the event of power shortages or in areas where there is no connection with the power grid, a diesel generator may be used as an emergency power source. ...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-26-2021

    Cologne, January 20, 2021 – Quality, guaranteed: DEUTZ’s new Lifetime Parts Warranty represents an attractive benefit for its aftersales customers. With effect from January 1, 2021, this extended warranty is available for any DEUTZ spare part that is purchased from and installed by an official DE...Read more »

  • Weichai Power, Leading Chinese Generator To A Higher Level
    Post time: 11-27-2020

    Recently,there was a world-class news in Chinese engine field. Weichai Power created the first diesel generator with thermal efficiency exceeding 50% and realizing commercial application in the world. Not only the thermal efficiency of the engine body is more than 50%, but also it can easily mee...Read more »

  • What should be paid attention to when running in a new diesel generator set
    Post time: 11-17-2020

    For the new diesel generator, all parts are new parts, and the mating surfaces are not in good matching state. Therefore, running in operation (also known as running in operation) must be carried out.   Running in operation is to make the diesel generator run in for a certain period of time under...Read more »