• Mamo Power Trailer Mobile Lighting Tower

    Mamo Power Trailer Mobile Lighting Tower

    Mamo Power Lighting Tower is suitable for rescue or emergency power supply with lighting tower in remote area for illumination, constuction, power supply operation, with features of mobility, braking safe, sophisticated manufacturing, beautiful appearance, good adaptation, quick power supplyl. * Depending on different power supply, it is configured with single axial or bi-axial wheel trailer, together with leaf springs suspension structure. * The front axle is with structure of steering knuck...
  • Cummins


    Cummins is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, USA. Cummins has 550 distribution agencies in more than 160 countries that invested more than 140 million dollars in China. As the biggest foreign investor in Chinese engine industry, there are 8 joint ventures and wholly-owned manufacturing enterprises in China. DCEC produces B, C and l series diesel generators while CCEC produces  M, N and K series diesel generators. The products meet the standards of ISO 3046, ISO 4001, ISO 8525, IEC 34-1, GB 1105, GB / T 2820, CSH 22-2, VDE 0530 and YD / T 502-2000 “Requirements of diesel generator sets for telecommunications”.


  • Deutz


    Deutz was originally founded by N.A. Otto & Cie in1864 that is the world’s leading independent engine manufacture with the longest history. As a full range of engine experts, DEUTZ provides water-cooled and air-cooled engines with power range from 25kW to 520kw which can be widely used in engineering , generator sets, agricultural machinery,  vehicles, railway locomotives, ships and military vehicles. There are 4 Detuz engine factories in Germany, 17 licenses and cooperative factories around the world with diesel generator power range from 10 to 10000 horsepower and gas generator power range from 250 horsepower to 5500 horsepower. Deutz has 22 subsidiaries, 18 service centers, 2 service bases and 14 offices all over the world, more than 800 enterprise partners cooperated with Deutz in 130 countries

  • Doosan


    Daewoo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1937. Its products have always represented the development level of Korean machinery industry, and have made recognized achievements in the fields of diesel engines, excavators, vehicles, automatic machine tools and robots. In terms of diesel engines, it cooperated with Australia to produce marine engines in 1958 and launched a series of heavy-duty diesel engines with German man company in 1975 Daewoo factory in Europe was established in 990, Daewoo Heavy Industry Yantai Company was established in 1994, Daewoo Heavy Industry Company in America was established in 1996. Daewoo officially joined Doosan Doosan group in South Korea in April 2005.

    Doosan Daewoo diesel engine is widely used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, ships, construction machinery, generator sets and other fields. The complete set of Doosan Daewoo diesel engine generator set is recognized by the world for its small size, light weight, strong anti extra load capacity, low noise, economic and reliable characteristics, and its operation quality and exhaust gas emission meet the relevant national and international standards.



    Isuzu Motor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1937. Its head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Factories are located in Fujisawa City, tokumu county and Hokkaido. It is famous for producing commercial vehicles and diesel internal combustion engines. It is one of the largest and oldest commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. In 1934, according to the standard mode of the Ministry of Commerce and industry (now the Ministry of Commerce, industry and Commerce), mass production of automobiles was started, and the trademark “Isuzu” was named after the Isuzu river near the Yishi temple. Since the unification of the trademark and company name in 1949, the company name of Isuzu Automatic Car Co., Ltd. has been used since then. As a symbol of international development in the future, the logo of the club is now a symbol of modern design with the Roman alphabet “Isuzu”. Since its establishment, Isuzu Motor Company has been engaged in the research and development and production of diesel engines for more than 70 years. As one of the three pillar business departments of Isuzu Motor Company (the other two are CV business unit and LCV business unit), relying on the strong technical strength of the head office, the diesel business unit is committed to strengthening the global business strategic partnership and building the industry’s first diesel engine manufacturer. At present, the production of Isuzu commercial vehicles and diesel engines ranks first in the world.

  • MTU


    MTU, a subsidiary of Daimler Benz group, is the world’s top heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturer, enjoying the highest honor in the engine industry.As the outstanding representative of the highest quality in the same industry for more than 100 years, its products are widely used in ships, heavy vehicles, engineering machinery, railway locomotives, etc. As a supplier of land, marine and railway power systems and diesel generator set equipment and engine, MTU is famous for its leading technology, reliable products and first-class services

  • Perkins


    dPerkins’s diesel engine products includes, 400 series, 800 series, 1100 series and 1200 series for industrial use and 400 series, 1100 series, 1300 series, 1600 series, 2000 series and 4000 series ( with multiple natural gas models ) for power generation. Perkins is committed to the quality, environmental and affordable products. Perkins generators comply with ISO9001 and iso10004; products comply with ISO 9001 Standards such as 3046, ISO 4001, ISO 8525, IEC 34-1, gb1105, GB / T 2820, CSH 22-2, VDE 0530 and YD / T 502-2000 “Requirements of diesel generator sets for telecommunications” and other standards

    Perkins was founded in 1932 by a British entrepreneur Frank.Perkins in Peter borough, UK, it is one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers. It is market leader of 4 - 2000 kW (5 - 2800hp) off-road diesel and natural gas generators. Perkins is good at customizing generator products for customers to fully meet the specific needs, so it is deeply trusted by equipment manufacturers. The global network of more than 118 Perkins agents, covering more than 180 countries and regions, provides product support through 3500 service outlets, Perkins distributors adhere to the most stringent standards to ensure that all customers can get the best service.

  • Shanghai MHI

    Shanghai MHI

    Shanghai MHI ( Mitsubishi heavy industries )

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industry is a Japanese enterprise that has more than 100 years history. The comprehensive technical strength accumulated in the long-term development, together with the modern technical level and management mode, makes Mitsubishi Heavy Industry the representative of Japanese manufacturing industry. Mitsubishi has made great contributions to the improvement of its products in aviation, aerospace, machinery, aviation and air-conditioning industry. From 4kw to 4600kw, Mitsubishi series of medium speed and high-speed diesel generator sets are operating around the world as continuous, common, standby and peak shaving power supply.

  • Yangdong


    Yangdong Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China YITUO Group Co., Ltd., is a joint-stock company specializing in the research and development of diesel engines and auto parts production, as well as a national high-tech enterprise.

    In 1984, the company successfully developed the first 480 diesel engine for vehicles in China. After more than 20 years of development, it is now one of the largest multi cylinder diesel engine production bases with the most varieties, specifications and scale in China. It has the capacity to produce 300000 multi cylinder diesel engines annually. There are more than 20 kinds of basic multi cylinder diesel engines, with cylinder diameter of 80-110mm, displacement of 1.3-4.3l and power coverage of 10-150kw. We have successfully completed the research and development of diesel engine products meeting the requirements of Euro III and Euro IV emission regulations, and have complete independent intellectual property rights. Lift diesel engine with strong power, reliable performance, economy and durability, low vibration and low noise, has become the preferred power for many customers.

    The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO / TS16949 quality system certification. The small bore multi cylinder diesel engine has obtained the national product quality inspection exemption certificate, and some products have obtained the EPA II certification of the United States.

  • Yuchai


    Founded in 1951, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Yulin City, Guangxi, with 11 subsidiaries under its jurisdiction. Its production bases are located in Guangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and other places. It has joint R & D centers and marketing branches overseas. Its comprehensive annual sales revenue is more than 20 billion yuan, and the annual production capacity of engines reaches 600000 sets. The company’s products include 10 platforms, 27 series of micro, light, medium and large diesel engines and gas engines, with a power range of 60-2000 kW. It is the engine manufacturer with the most abundant products and the most complete type spectrum in China. With the characteristics of high power, high torque, high reliability, low energy consumption, low noise, low emission, strong adaptability and specialized market segmentation, the products have become the preferred supporting power for domestic main trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ship machinery and power generation machinery, special vehicles, pickup trucks, etc. In the field of engine research, Yuchai company has always occupied the commanding height, leading peers to launch the first engine meeting the national 1-6 emission regulations, leading the green revolution in the engine industry. It has a perfect service network all over the world. It has established 19 Commercial Vehicle regions, 12 airport access regions, 11 ship power regions, 29 service and aftermarket offices, more than 3000 service stations, and more than 5000 accessories sales outlets in China. It has set up 16 offices, 228 service agents and 846 service networks in Asia, America, Africa and Europe To realize global joint guarantee.