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Autonomous power supply stations produced by MAMO Power have found their application today, both in everyday life and in industrial production. And to buy a diesel MAMO series generator are recommended as the main source and as a backup. Such a unit is used to provide voltage to industrial or manufacturing enterprises, commercial centers, farms, and a residential complex. But the consumption of diesel fuel also depends on the intensity of work.

Before buying a MAMO series diesel generator, you need to calculate the connected power. If the power of the generator is 80 kW, and the connected power is 25 kW, the station will operate almost idle, and any benefit from the operation of the generator, the generated electricity will be unreasonably high. This also applies to the operation of the station at its maximum capabilities, in this mode it leads to a decrease in the motor resource or, even worse, the station’s failure to operate. In order to calculate the required power, add up the power of all connected electrical appliances. Ideally, the resulting amount should be 40-75% of the generator power.

You should also think about how many phases to purchase the station. Since if you do not plan to use 3 phases, then it is not worth it to purchase such high-power equipment.

Diesel fuel consumption is also influenced by its quality. The consumption indicated in the passport by the manufacturer may not coincide with yours. Since the passport assumes the use of fuel of a certain brand and in a certain period of time. Especially if diesel is used, the quality of which wants to be the best.
Therefore, it will be very difficult to achieve the ideal flow rate from the station, only if the grade of fuel specified in the instructions is used. You can also use some tricks. For example, during standby operation, you can fill in the fuel in advance and let it settle, or do not shake it before starting in the station.

Before buying diesel generator, you should find out what brands of diesel fuel exist. That is, each season has its own fuel. For summer, fuel is sold with a mark (L), winter (W) and arctic (A). And the use of a summer diesel engine in winter will not only lead to unnecessary waste, but cause serious problems in the operation of the unit.

Do not believe the advertisements and recommendations for using different impurities instead of fuel. They certainly help, sometimes they reduce fuel consumption. But keep in mind that such substances increase engine wear. Therefore, there is no savings here.

Also, fuel consumption directly depends on the ambient air temperature. For example, hot weather can increase diesel consumption by 10-30%. Therefore, the best option would be to install the unit in a specially equipped room. Therefore, before buying a MAMO series diesel generator, it is necessary to equip the premises.

Furthermore, fuel consumption is directly proportional to the temperature of the surrounding air. Hot weather, for example, can increase diesel consumption by 10% to 30%. As a consequence, installing the unit in a specially fitted space is the best choice. As a result, it is important to equip the premises before purchasing a MAMO series diesel generator.

Post time: Mar-11-2021