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Basically, faults of gensets can sorted as many kinds, one of them is called air intake.
How to reduce the intake air temperature of the diesel generator set The internal coil temperature of the diesel generator sets in operation is very high, if the unit is too high in the air temperature, it will not be suitable for heat dissipation, affect the unit's operation, and even reduce the unit's service life. Therefore, it is an issue to be addressed how to decrease the intake air temperature, here we share two effective ways to reduce the device into the air temperature.

Underground water supplies are used to decrease the temperature of the air intake by using underground water in the air cooler. For example, to reduce the air temperature, a company with deep water (16 degrees in the summer, winter, 14 degrees) so that the diesel generator set at the air temperature is normally 25 degrees (minimum 22 degrees), so that the output of the unit increased by 12 percent.


The usage of cold water steam injection system, water is used under the concept of different boiling points under different atmospheric pressure, the absorption of hot water heat generator diesel into the sealing evaporation tank for jet pumping gas flow through the nozzle expanding the pressure regulator sealed tank, diffuser high-speed ejector, steam cooling tank away. That was pumped into the high vacuum, so that continuous pouring into the water tank, a portion of the boiling evaporation isothermal evaporation, low temperature water and most of it into frozen, continuous activity in the low temperature heat, Everfount can generate low temperature cooling water.

We hope that the above method will be used to reduce the intake temperature of diesel generator sets so that the device can reach the ideal heat state. Of course, due to the relationship between water quality and easy to scale, there is a need to pay attention to certain deep water areas, so we have to do a good job of cleaning up the scale of routine maintenance.


Post time: Jan-27-2021