Precautions of starting up and using a diesel generator sets

MAMO Power, as a professional diesel generator sets manufacturer, we are going to share some tips of sart-up the diesel generator sets.

Before we start a generator sets, the first thing we should check whether all the switches and corresponding conditions of the generator sets are ready, make sure there is no manufunctions. When all the conditions are feasible, then we could start the genset.


1. The continuous working time of each start of the generaotr sets should no seceed thatn 10 seconds, and the interval between two starts should be more than 2 minutes to prevent the armature coil from overheating and burning out. If it fails to start successfully three times, you should find out the reason before starting.

2. You can quickly release the start button if you hear the drive gear spinning at a high speed and unable to mesh with the ring gear. Start the engine again after the starter stops working to prevent the drive gear and flywheel ring from colliding and causing damage

3. Switch to antifreeze oil while using diesel generators in cold places, and pull the flywheel ring gear at the flywheel inspection hole for a few weeks before beginning with a “one” screwdriver.

4. After starting the generator set, we should quickly release the start button to return the drive gear to its original position.

5. It is strictly forbidden to press the diesel engine start button again during normal operation of the unit.

6. To prevent dry friction from damaging the shaft and bushings, grease should be applied to the front and rear cover bushings on a regular basis.

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Post time: Apr-21-2021