What are the effects of low water temperature on diesel generator sets?

Many users will habitually lower the water temperature when operating diesel generator sets. But this is incorrect. If the water temperature is too low, it will have the following adverse effects on diesel generator sets:

1. Too low temperature will cause deterioration of diesel combustion conditions in the cylinder, poor fuel atomization, and aggravate the damage of crankshaft bearings, piston rings and other parts, and also reduce the economic and practicality of the unit.

2. Once the water vapor after combustion condenses on the cylinder wall, it will cause metal corrosion.

3. Burning diesel fuel may dilute the engine oil and reduce the lubrication effect of the engine oil.

4. If the fuel burns incompletely, it will form gum, jam the piston ring and valve, and the pressure in the cylinder will decrease when the compression ends.

5. Too low water temperature will cause the temperature of the oil to decrease, make the oil become viscous and fluidity which will become poor, and the amount of oil pumped by the oil pump will also decrease, which will result in insufficient oil supply for the generator set, and the gap between the crankshaft bearings will also becomes smaller, which is not conducive to lubrication.

Therefore, Mamo Power suggest that when operating the diesel gen-set, the water temperature should be set in strict accordance with the requirements, and the temperature should not be lowered blindly, so as not to hinder the normal operation of the gen-set and cause it to malfunction.


Post time: Jan-05-2022