What are the main tips to buy good AC alternators

At present, the global shortage of power supply is becoming more and more serious. Many companies and individuals choose to purchase generator sets to alleviate the restrictions on production and life caused by the lack of power. AC alternator is one of the important part for whole generator set. How to choose reliable alternators, the following tips need to be noted:

I. Electrical characteristics:

1. Excitation system: At this stage, the excitation system of the mainstream high-quality AC alternator is self-excitation, which is generally equipped with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR). The output power of the exciter rotor is transmitted to the host rotor through the rectifier. The steady-state voltage adjustment rate of the AVR is mostly ≤1%. Among them, the high-quality AVR also has multiple functions such as parallel operation, low frequency protection, and external voltage adjustment.

2. Insulation and varnishing: The insulation grade of high-quality alternators is generally class ”H”, and all of its winding parts are made of specially developed materials and impregnated with a special process. The alternator runs in harsh environments to provide protection.

3. Winding and electrical performance: The stator of the high-quality alternator will be laminated with cold-rolled steel plates with high magnetic permeability, double-stacked windings, strong structure and good insulation performance.

4. Telephone interference: THF (as defined by BS EN 600 34-1) is less than 2%. TIF (as defined by NEMA MG1-22) is less than 50

5. Radio interference: High-quality brushless devices and AVR will ensure that there is little interference during radio transmission. If necessary, an additional RFI suppression device can be installed.

II. Mechanical characteristics:

Degree of protection: The standard types of all land AC generators are IP21, IP22 and IP23 (NEMA1). If there is a higher protection requirement, you can choose to upgrade the protection level of IP23. The standard type of marine AC generator is IP23, IP44, IP54. If you need to improve the protection level, such as the environment is the seaside, you can equip the AC generator with other accessories, such as space heaters, air filters, etc.

The global power shortage has greatly increased the sales of AC alternator/ generators. The prices of AC generator accessories such as disc couplings and rotors have risen across the board. The supply is tight. If you need electricity, you can buy AC generators as soon as possible. The price of AC generators also in constant rise!


Post time: Oct-12-2021