What is the role of ATS (automatic transfer switch) in diesel generator sets?

Automatic transfer switches monitor voltage levels in the building’s normal power supply and switch to emergency power when these voltages fall below a certain preset threshold. The automatic transfer switch will seamlessly and efficiently activate the emergency power system if a particularly severe natural disaster or continuous power outage de-energizes the mains.
Automatic transfer switching equipment is referred to as ATS, which is the abbreviation of Automatic transfer switching equipment. ATS is mainly used in emergency power supply system, which automatically switches the load circuit from one power source to another (backup) power source to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads. Therefore, ATS is often used in important power-consuming places, and its product reliability is particularly important. Once the conversion fails, it will cause one of the following two hazards. The short circuit between the power sources or the power outage of the important load (even the power outage for a short time) will have serious consequences, which will not only bring economic losses (stop production, financial paralysis), may also cause social problems (putting lives and safety at risk). Therefore, the industrialized countries have restricted and standardized the production and use of automatic transfer switch appliances as key products.
That’s why regular automatic transfer switch maintenance is critical for any homeowner with an emergency power system. If the automatic transfer switch is not functioning properly, it will not be able to detect a drop in the voltage level within the mains supply, nor will it be able to switch power to a backup generator during an emergency or power outage. This can lead to complete failure of emergency power systems, as well as major problems with everything from elevators to critical medical equipment.
The generator sets (Perkins, Cummins, Deutz, Mitsubishi, etc as standard series ) produced by Mamo Power are equipped with AMF (self-starting function) controller, but if it is necessary to automatically switch the load circuit from the main current to the backup power supply (diesel generator set) when the main power is cut off, it is recommended to install ATS.

Post time: Jan-13-2022