What should be paid attention to when running in a new diesel generator set

For the new diesel generator, all parts are new parts, and the mating surfaces are not in good matching state. Therefore, running in operation (also known as running in operation) must be carried out.


Running in operation is to make the diesel generator run in for a certain period of time under low speed and low load conditions, so as to gradually run in between all moving mating surfaces of the diesel generator and gradually obtain the ideal matching state.


Running in operation is of great significance to the reliability and life of diesel generator. The new and overhauled engines of diesel generator manufacturer have been run in and tested before leaving the factory, so there is no need for long-time no-load running in. However, the diesel engine is still in the running in state at the initial stage of use. In order to make the running in condition of the new engine better and prolong its service life, the following matters should be paid attention to in the initial use of the new engine.


1. During the initial 100h working time, the service load should be controlled within the range of 3 / 4 rated power.


2. Avoid prolonged idling.


3. Pay close attention to monitor the changes of various operating parameters.


4. Always check the oil level and oil quality changes. The oil change period should be shortened in the initial operation to prevent serious wear caused by metal particles mixed into the oil. Generally, the oil should be changed once after 50 hours of initial operation.


5. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃, the cooling water should be preheated to make the water temperature rise above 20 ℃ before starting.


After running in, the generator set shall meet the following technical requirements:


The unit shall be able to start quickly without fault;


The unit operates stably within the rated load without uneven speed and abnormal sound;


When the load changes sharply, the speed of diesel engine can be stabilized rapidly. It doesn’t fly or jump when it’s fast. When the speed is slow, the engine will not stop and the cylinder will not be out of service. The transition under different load conditions should be smooth and the exhaust smoke color should be normal;


The cooling water temperature is normal, the oil pressure load meets the requirements, and the temperature of all lubricating parts is normal;


There is no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and electric leakage.

Post time: Nov-17-2020