Deutz (20-825kVA)

  • Deutz Series Diesel Generator

    Deutz Series Diesel Generator

    Deutz was originally founded by N.A. Otto & Cie in 1864 that is the world’s leading independent engine manufacture with the longest history. As a full range of engine experts, DEUTZ provides water-cooled and air-cooled diesel engines with power supply range from 25kW to 520kw which can be widely used in engineering , generator sets, agricultural machinery,  vehicles, railway locomotives, ships and military vehicles. There are 4 Detuz engine factories in Germany, 17 licenses and cooperative factories around the world with diesel generator power range from 10 to 10000 horsepower and gas generator power range from 250 horsepower to 5500 horsepower. Deutz has 22 subsidiaries, 18 service centers, 2 service bases and 14 offices all over the world, more than 800 enterprise partners cooperated with Deutz in 130 countries.